Who I am

Caitlin Parker is the name and adventure is the game! I am an outspoken daughter, empowered wife, passionate mother, crazy aunt, enthused employee, humbled woman chasing after God’s path for my life.

I am coming up on my 30th birthday next spring and I have come to realize that words are so powerful. If anything, being a mom has taught me that. I have been faced with many exciting and devaimg_0979stating events in my life. I have found myself working in careers where I try to guide families through their own joys and sorrows. And in all of these years of working, I have learned that sometimes you have to sit with people and just listen. Do not try to fix it. Just listen. And in that listening, people feel heard. And when people feel heard they feel empowered to change their circumstance or change their perspective. So I would love to hear your story. I feel like a little bit of me also wants to be heard.

I am not really sure where this blog may find its readers. Maybe it will just be my electronic diary to pass on to my daughter so she can understand how crazy hard we love her. Maybe it will find one person to comfort. Maybe you will secretly laugh when I tell you how I have gotten poop in my hair while potty training (more than once) or used a nasal suction machine to empty out my waterlogged washing machine. Comfort and laughter. My two goals for now!