The Journey vs. The Destination

Let’s talk a bit about a rather defining difference in perspective when venturing through life. I feel like in order to move in to the next stories I want to share with you, this is a worthwhile pit stop.

Are you a person of journey or a person of destination?

You are one or the other. I can’t see how both can exist at the same time. When it comes to experiencing your world you pick one, unknowingly or intentionally.

Now, this isn’t a static position. I believe there are times when perspectives shift, but it often takes something hefty. Seasons of life will call upon different skills. You will journey some, and other times just plain lurch into the destination screeching that E-break and wiping the sweat from your brow, walking straight out of the dust of whatever disaster is now behind you. Both are ok. But being aware of how you are traveling can change the value you allow yourself to take away.

I am a woman of destination. I want to cross everything off that to-do list. My favorite thing is to check those boxes and walk away with a sense of accomplishment. There is value in finishing things. But how does that translate to our children? In the minute-by-minute, we use this perspective to get the kids dressed, out the door, homework done, appointments made. It’s survival. As a mom, it is vital.

But what about the cumulative value? My husband is a man of journey. We make an interesting pair. He has opened my eyes to watching the story unfold and finding the beauty in tears and laughter. I am grateful for that growth he has afforded me.

Becoming abundantly aware of this choice my mind and heart have made created an intentional shift in me. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t days I hit max speed just to get it all done. But what if we chose to look at life as an adventure?

We talk to Elliot about that all the time.

When she was little she had an aviator hat. We used to put it on her and tell her it was time for an adventure. This is how we got through some of the difficult days when it was challenging to leave the house and enter the world full of obstacles. We’d put on her hat, carry her outside and make a journey worth remembering.

Now she has her adventure coat. It’s a jean jacket. Straight out of a garage band, double bubble, day glow t-shirt kind of scene. She loves it. She chooses it. She sees the adventure. She makes me want to see the bricks as they are laid behind and before us. It’s more exciting. To experience it all.

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